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Spiritualität und Gesundheit

Research Institute for
Spirituality and Health


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PDF Author Title Journal Issue/Year, Pages
PDF Peng-Keller, Moergeli, Hefti et al. Including the Spiritual Dimension in Multimodal Pain Therapy. Development and Validation of the Spiritual Distress and Resources Questionnaire (SDRQ) Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 2021
PDF Hasenfratz, Hefti et al. Do Chronic Pain Patients Wish Spiritual Aspects to Be Integrated in Their Medical Treatment? A Cross-Sectional Study of Multiple Facilities. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2021
PDF Esperandio, Hefti et al. Spirituality in Clinical Practice: The Perspective of Brazilian Medical Students Religion and Health 2021
PDF Kørup, Søndergaard, Hefti et al. The International NERSH Data Pool of Health Professionals’ Attitudes Toward Religiosity and Spirituality in 12 Countries. Journal of Religion and Health 2020
PDF Schnell, Fuchs,
Worldview Under Stress: Preliminary Findings on Cardiovascular and Cortisol Stress Responses Predicted by Secularity Religion and Health 2020
PDF Gäbler, Lycett,
Association between Health Behaviours and Religion in Austrian High School Pupils - A Cross-Sectional Survey Religions 2017
PDF Hvidt, Kappel, Hefti et al. The NERSH International Collaboration on Values, Spirituality and Religion in Medicine: Development of Questionnaire, Description of Data Pool, and Overview of Pool Publications. Religions 2016
PDF Hefti,
The Interdisciplinary Spiritual Care Model - A holistic Approach to Patient Care Horizonte 2016
PDF René Hefti Integrating Religion and Spirituality into Mental Health Care, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Religions 2/2011, 611-627